What Makes us Bespoke?

We listen to your stories.


The values we hold closest to our hearts are important to us and inform how we work.

Green Life

We do everything we can to find or create properties that will help to preserve Mallorca’s natural beauty.

Shall We Start?

The more we know about you, the more easily we can find a home for you.

Our Story

Some days are just different… the day Mia Bertorelli woke up and decided that she needed to work for herself was one of the very best.

Professional and Loving Family Real Estate Business

Welcome to Bertorelli Properties, a professional and loving family business, co-founded by Mia Bertorelli. We have been working across Mallorca since 2002.

We are passionate about hearing your stories and learning about your lives; understanding what makes a house a home for you. We love getting to know you and understanding why you want to plant your heart in Mallorca. By doing this we can be much more confident with meeting your specific needs.
Once you have chosen your new home, remember we take pride in our after care to help you properly settle in, from refurnishing, restyling, remodelling or landscaping. We particularly love helping you to make your home more environmentally friendly, as we can help make this happen.

Our Prodject Managment Support

Working with us means that you have an experienced local voice that will challenge and explore the impact of any new design to ensure that you will be happy with the final outcome.
We work with you from Concept Development through to Styling and Maintenance Support helping ensure that your budget achieves as much as it can for your new home. We will be your local advocate negotiating and planning to bring your Mallorcan Dream to life.

We look forward to meeting you.

Our Properties





Do you Have a Home for Sale?

We know that there are lots of great estate agent in Mallorca, so why should you work with us?

Planting your Heart in Mallorca 

What makes us Bespoke?

Amongst the rest of the estate agents in Mallorca we know we are special not just because of who we are, but because of how we work.

We like to get to know the people we work with. We want to get to know you well. Not just because that seems like the best way to make our work joyful, but because it means we can help you more. The more we know about you, your lifestyle and your reasons for wanting a home or an investment in Mallorca, it will be easier we can find it for you.

Our Poetic Descriptions

Many home descriptions are rather basic, and there is nothing wrong with basic, some people just want an overview. We feel a more poetic and imaginative description gives us the opportunity to style your home in words.

Our Support with Home Styling

The style of your home is extremely personal and individual. We all know how difficult it can be, even people living in the same home can disagree on the colour theme or the design of the furniture. We are here to gently bring out the beauty and highlight the harmony of your home.

Our Bespoke Care Throughout

From the moment you walk through our door or click on our website, to the moment you are in your new home, by which point we would probably consider you a friend; you might find yourself wanting to expand your indoor or outdoor space. You may want energy efficient electricity or turn your home into a high-tech haven? This is where we continue to work with you and others by truly make your cherished home everything you wish it to be.

Our Lifestyle Photography

What makes a photograph? Well, it depends on what you want it to convey ultimately. We find that to generate an atmosphere of a warm and cosy fireplace or the refreshingly crisp blue water of a pool, we like to include people in real situations. This gives you the ability to feel the photograph.

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