What Makes us Bespoke?

We listen to your stories.

Our Story

Some days are just different… the day Mia Bertorelli woke up and decided that she needed to work for herself was one of the very best.


The values we hold closest to our hearts are important to us and inform how we work.

Green Life

We do everything we can to find or create properties that will help to preserve Mallorca’s natural beauty.

Shall We Start?

The more we know about you, the more easily we can find a home for you.

Our Team

Mia Bertorelli

The Bespoke Organiser


Lucky me I was born in London into a family steeped in hospitality and have lived in Mallorca since 1985. Growing up and being educated here, I have an in-depth knowledge of all the best people and places on the island. My passion for beautiful people and places, means that for over 20 years I have been creating and managing beautiful property projects for myself and others. Managing estate agencies or building, I am all about discoverting, introducing and creating beautiful Mallorcan homes.

Languages > English – Spanish –  (Mallorquian – German , Good Understanding)

Siobhan Miles-Moore

Our Overseas Oracle

Also born in London but raised in the English Lake District I have been educated in Geneva, Denmark and England.  I am lucky enough that through my sister Gilly and the wonders of her adoption I have been welcomed into the Bertorelli family of choice. I am now an award winning artist, but I did fake being a grown up in business and partnership development for a few decades. Along the years I have collected an MBA, some great stories and some truly wonderful people. I am here to help sense check, challenge and generally interfere from a distance! 

Languages >  English –  Danish  –  Spanish

Bertorelli Real State
Bertorelli Real State

Helen Carr

Dogs Body

Project Coordinator 

Having arrived on this beautiful island almost 33 years ago for a short stay, I never imagined in my wildest dreams that I would still be here.  I’m a land lover with an equestrian background and a hunger for making everything I touch beautiful.  Whether it be a horse, house, or boat. I was married to a property developer for 28 years, doing both renovation and construction projects here and in Sweden.  I’ve got more than enough hours under my belt to sort out anything anywhere.  I’m certainly not worried about get my hands dirty after all I am a county girl at heart. 

Languages > English – Spanish

Joanna Bertorelli

Matriarch and In Charge of Etiquette

Direct Marketing Diva

Born in London and educated around the world. From African school classrooms to Swiss Finishing School, from the Playboy Club at Park Lane in the swinging 60’s to Benidorm in the 00’s. I know exactly how people like to behave (and misbehave). I have been based in Mallorca for over 30 years. I adore my Mia and am happy to support her dreams in anyway l can.

Languages > English

Bertorelli Real State
Bertorelli Real State

Davide Bertorelli

Patriarch and “The Man” with the Perfect Name

Artistic Supervisor

I was born in London to Italian parents. Trained at Westminster Catering College. Then I worked in our family restaurant in Charlotte Street, London. I don’t like Cricket,  “I Love it”.  A life long passion for Ferrari’s,  then found Golfing paradise in Florida and Mallorca. I am very proud of my daughter and putting the family name back on the map, Google or otherwise, and up in lights again.

Languages > English


Inspiration and Meaning Giver.

The roots of the family tree were planted strong when this gentle soul came into the world.  He makes all our hard work worthwhile.

Languages > English – Spanish – Mallorquin



The smile generator. With her chocolate brown eyes, soft hearted spirit and expressive tail.

Languages > Woof Woof

“Just Family”

Your Home is your Family´s Heartbeat

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